Tatiana is a Colombian-American Designer, immensely in love with her career, with a great passion for good taste and fine lines, a faithful follower of the concept “Minimalist” (Less is more) Contemporary Art and the Zen Philosophy: “My spaces are inspired by God and his Nature “(in special for the Water: ”The Sea the Love of my life”), my Colombian roots, the “Color of the Nature & Life” and all my travels around the world. “My purpose when I design, is create “Clean Spaces” with Harmony & Balance, I put a lot of attention in one of the most important Elements: “Light”.

From very small I was interested in Art & Design… It all started about 5 years old, I always won the painting competitions in my school in my City Medellin – Colombia, I remember that my parents bought me the house of Barbie, and my greatest fun was there… playing with the furniture and creating design concepts into their spaces.

My father was a man immensely passionate for all of the expressions of the Art in special painting and sculpture, and my mother, also in love with the beauty and aesthetics; with them I learned to LOVE the art in all its expressions. When I grew up they were those who supported me to start my career as a designer, because they gave me the freedom to create in our house which i always imagine, from changing the colors of the walls up to move all the furniture, paintings, accessories etc.

I went to the University Pontificia Bolivariana (U.P.B) and i graduated as an Industrial Designer in 1999. I came to Miami in 2000 and I studied Design/Decoration and then, I specialize in kitchens and bathrooms… Today becoming my professional career: “DESIGN IS MY GREAT LOVE & PASSION”.
Then a few years later I opened my own company: “Tatiana Alessandrini Designs” (T.A.D) which filled me with great satisfaction by large customers that i have had during these 13 years at the international level, and i have come to the conclusion, that to succeed in this career, and in any other, you have to believe in “IT” and feel true “LOVE” and passion for what you do.

I am truly grateful to God for giving me the good fortune to be a Designer and to be able to make happy with my projects to each one of my customers, for me it is the ultimate reward, see in them an smile to see the final outcome of each of their projects. “Thank You God”